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Why Upgrade to Windows 7 where my XP is working?

Microsoft Windows 7 Products

If your computer is connected to the Internet, you know technology is going fast and information is growing! Do you know that the Internet Explorer 9 will not support XP? Are you aware XP will be obsoleted and no longer be supported by Microsoft?

Your computer could be more vulnerable to virus, spyware, hackers and other form of intruders with non-supported operating system? Think about why people stopped using legacy systems such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, ...etc.

If you're running Vista, then by all means, move to Windows 7. It will run considerably faster on a fresh install. If you need help with the installation, we can help - give us a call!

Microsoft has 10 reasons to buy Windows 7

  1. Get quicker access to all of your stuff - better enhanced taskbar and icons.
  2. Manage open windows more easily - automatic resizing of Windows to 50/50.
  3. Quickly find what you're looking for - search feature is greatly improved, dynamically search while you type!
  4. Share files and printers among multiple PCs - sharing docs and printers cannot be easier
  5. Stay entertained effortlessly - Windows Media Center is the best software for your entertainment
  6. Easily create and share movies - create great looking movies and slideshows and share them on YouTube in minutes.
  7. Connect to networks easily - Fully support the new IPv6 which is the future of Internet Addresses.
  8. Do more and wait less - your PC will be more responsive, scheduled defrag your hard drives while you sleep.
  9. Touch and tap rather than point and click - Get a touch screen monitor? No problem.
  10. Manage devices more easily - Support any USB 1.0, 2.0 and even USB 3.0 devices.

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